The Bauer 2 is a keyboard known for its blockers to portray the illusion of having a symmetrical bottom row. Bauer blockers are now used in a lot of keyboard designs and in my opinion makes them look so much better. When I first joined the hobby, the Bauer was something untainable in my reality at the time. I would always find myself listening to sound tests on youtube, or watching build streams on twitch whenever I got the chance. From watching all that content featuring the Bauer, you can tell there is a distinct sound signature that the keyboard produces. I was intriguied with the idea that the polycarbonate version would produce a different sound acoustically, but it's the same.. different.., but the same. Nonetheless, the Bauer doesn't sound bad and is still a dream board to many, but it does have that deeper sounding tone that the aluminum version has. My girlfriend is now enjoying her new Bauer 2 because it is really "cute".